Stray and Contact Voltage Research

EPRI research intended to support testing, measurement, and mitigation of the most common types of perceptible contact voltage scenarios around pools and spas, pipelines, animal contact locations, and in urban areas.

Here you will find information pertaining to the past 25 years of EPRI research related to this topic. The information contained is intended to be objective and technically credible, public-domain information on the subject matter. If you have questions or comments, please contact Doug Dorr.

Mark Your Calendar: Stray and Contact Voltage Test Facility Event - October 2018

This event is open to all EPRI members, the public, and equipment manufacturers who desire to witness or to evaluate test equipment where either a consistent, replicable, or variable electric field is useful or where a variable grounding and bonding in-ground swimming pool configuration is useful. The swimming pool tests will evaluate new diagnostic tools and will replicate certain equipotential bonding configurations to better inform industry subject-matter experts on existing and proposed National Electric Code Article 680.26 criteria. View the agenda and register at the EPRI REGISTRATION SITE. For more information on the topics or potential for testing, contact Doug Dorr or Doni Nastasi. Please review the following documents prior to attending the event:

July 2018 Swimming Pool Equipotential Bonding Test Summary for Public Comment
Swimming Pool Stray and Contact Voltage Research Outcomes