Stray and Contact Voltage Research

EPRI research intended to support testing, measurement, and mitigation of the most common types of perceptible contact voltage scenarios around pools and spas, pipelines, animal contact locations, and in urban areas.

Here you will find information pertaining to the past 25 years of EPRI research related to this topic. The information contained is intended to be objective and technically credible, public-domain information on the subject matter. If you have questions or comments, please contact Doug Dorr.

Pool Safety a Feature of This Year’s Jodie Lane National Conference

Consolidated Edison of New York and the Electric Power Research Institute invite you to the 2018 Jodie Lane National Conference, the industry’s most comprehensive event focused on contact voltage, manhole events, and other public safety issues. During the conference, representatives from leading utilities and from industry will discuss both the results of testing and demonstrations and their unique perspectives, including safely constructing in-ground pools.

Download EPRI recommendations for safely installing new pools and remediating existing pools.

This year’s conference will once again be a full-day event to address and exchange the latest information on testing and maintenance practices, program results, investment plans, and R&D initiatives. Conference Topics of interest for presentations include:

  • Urban Contact Voltage Events
  • Stray and Contact Voltage Test and Measurement
  • Public Safety Technical Issues
  • Manhole Events
  • Case Studies
  • Infrastructure Rebuilding and Maintenance Plans
  • R&D Initiatives
  • Public Safety/Regulations
  • New Standards Activities
  • Event Details and Registration